Read This Guide Before You Choose Online Cricket Betting Sites


Cricket is a really great game and is one that billions of people enjoy all across the globe. However, there is in one particular country where cricket is enjoyed more than anywhere else in the world, and that country is India. Cricket in India is like a religion, and we are definitely not exaggerating by saying this – anyone who has a great career for the Indian team becomes like a God. Across India, watching cricket and betting on the action go together like pineapple on pizza. The same can probably be said for casino games, to be honest. In the following guide, you will be able to find out everything that you need to know regarding online betting sites in India. This information is free to you and can make your gambling experience much better, so you would be foolish not to make good use of it.

The Markets You Can Bet on At the Best Cricket Betting Sites in India

Cricket is a sport that plenty of sports bettors love to bet on even if they happen to not be avid cricket fans. One of the reasons why betting on this sport has become so popular is the fact that it has a wide variety of markets that you can bet on – much more than the majority of other sports that you can bet on. This will not be surprising to cricket fans because we know just how many different factors there are than can have a big influence on the outcome of a match.

Below we are going to take a quick look at some of the major cricketing bets that you will be able to find whenever you go on the best online betting sites in India. However, we think that it is important that we point out here that all the markets you are about to see below can be found at all online betting sites, even those that do not permit Indians to register with them. To put it another way, what we are trying to say is that the markets we take a look at below are ones that any cricket betting fan across the world can try out when placing bets at cricket betting sites.

Match betting: All the best cricket betting sites out there will allow their punters to place match bets. These are one of the simplest kind of bets around as what you are doing is simply trying to guess which team will win the game.

Series winner: In cricket, teams will usually play against each other more than once because it makes absolutely no sense for a team to fly across the globe to a different country just to play in one game and then fly home again. In order to make the trip worth their while, teams will play a set amount of Tests, T20Is, and ODIs in what is called a series. When you are making bets at some of the best betting sites In India, you will usually always have the chance to bet on the series winner should you wish to do so.

Match score: when it comes down to this cricketing wager, you have to choose one of the teams that is playing and then try and predict whether they will score above or below a set number of runs in the match. Betting websites in India will give their punters a number, like 300.5 and you have to then predict whether the team will score more than 300.5 (301 runs or more) or less than 300.5 (300 runs or fewer).

Top batsman: You definitely do not have to have the highest IQ n the room to know what this type of bet entails. All that you have to do is select a batsman that you believe will score the most runs for their own team. This is not an easy wager to get right by any stretch of the imagination since one mistake can see a batsman get himself out. Therefore, when you take a look at such a bet you will often find that betting sites India offer very good odds.

Top bowler: If you do not want to try and predict what batman will score the most runs for their team, you can try your luck by trying to predict the bowler who will get the most wickets in the match. Like the bet above, this is not an easy one to predict, so anyone who gets this right will be able to walk away with a tidy sum.

Player of the Match: Any serious Indian betting site will allow their players to bet on who they think will be named the best player in the game. Since there are 22 different players you can pick from, the rewards will be pretty nice for anyone who manages to guess correctly.

Dismissal method: In cricket, there are plenty of different ways that a batsman can be dismissed and sent back to the pavilion and these methods are run out, bowled, stumped, caught, LBW, or hit wicket. You will often be given the option of betting on how the next batsman to be dismissed will get out and the odds will vary according to whatever dismissal method you choose. For example, the most common way for a batsman to be dismissed is caught, so the odds will usually be low. On the other hand, the least common mode of dismissal is hit wicket, so the odds will always be tasty.

Whenever you are carrying out some bets at an Indian betting site, it is vital that you bet responsibly. When you sit down for a betting session you have to set a budget and make sure that you stick to it. You should never try to recuperate any losses that you make as this will just lead to you losing more money.

It is also important that you do plenty of research before you make a bet and you can find plenty of cricket news that can help you while betting on cricket at New18 Cricketnext. All cricket bettors should make this their go-to website for fantastic cricket betting news.

What are the Top Ten Cricket Bookies in India for Cricket Fans?

Cricket fans all over the world love to bet on cricket, and they spend billions each year betting on this great sport. There is one country that spends the most on cricket betting and we are not giving away any prizes for those of you who guess what this country is. It is India obviously, which is not that surprising when you find out that on average Indian cricket fans spend about $400 million on every match that India play in. Gambling, you might be surprised to hear, is illegal in most of the country, so how can Indians bet so much money on this sport? Well, there is a very simple answer to this question, and it is thanks to online cricket betting sites.

Land-based gambling is legal in most states across India, but there are no legislations in place that stop Indians from signing up with online cricket betting sites and making a bet or two on this fun sport.

Below we have given you a number of great betting sites in India that you should think about opening an account with. However, before we jump right in and provide you with that list, we thought it would be wise of us to give you some useful tips that you can put to good use when you are looking for some online cricket betting sites to sign up with.

Reputation: before you jump right into the registration process with whatever cricket betting sites in India that you want to register with, there is something that you really should do first and that is take a little of time out of your day to read some reviews about the sites that you like the look of. By doing this, you will get a very good idea about whether their current customers have had a bad experience with them – if you come across a lot of negative comments from current users, then you should look for some other Indian betting site to register with. There is such a variety of betting sites that we can register with that we definitely do not have to put up with ones that are below par.

Odds: Look at different betting sites and you will quickly see that the odds are never exactly the same. Therefore, it is wise of you to do a bit of comparison before you make up your mind as to who you are going to sign up with. By making an effort to locate the best odds around, you will be making sure that you get the most bang for your buck whenever you sit down for a cricket gambling session.

Bonuses: If a bookie wants to become one of the top betting sites, then they need to offer attractive bonuses that will get new players opening an account with them. Online bookmakers need new players coming in through the virtual doors all the time, or they will quickly become irrelevant and will have to shut down as Indian cricket bettors will decide to sign up with betting sites in India that offer better bonuses. Thus, before you dive right in and commit to a single bookmaker, it is in your best interest to do some shopping around and take a look at different types of bonuses that are available so you can sign up with the bookie that offers the best ones.

Customer support: If a bookie does not care about their customers and has poor customer care, then it is definitely in your best interest to look elsewhere. Registering with a sportsbook that has rubbish customer support is only going to end up causing you a lot of problems down the line. If you want to check whether a bookmaker has good customer care, then you can do so by sending them a mock issue using email or live chat and seeing what type of response you get. If they are slow to get back to you, look elsewhere.

So, we have just given you an idea as to what you should look out for when you are searching for a bookie to open an account with, and now we are going to give you that list of the best bookmakers for Indian cricket fans to sign up with:

  • Funbet
  • Unibet
  • 22Bet
  • Royal Panda
  • Unibet
  • 888sport
  • Betway
  • 10Cric
  • Spin Casino
  • LeoVegas
  • Bet365

All of the above betting sites are great IPL betting sites since they provide their Indian cricket fans with a variety of IPL markets and very good IPL odds. We are aware that Indians love the IPL, so we thought that it was very important for us to give you a list of bookies that do not slack when it comes to the IPL.

How to Make Cricket Bets at Indian Cricket Betting Sites

Whenever you go to place a bet on a sport, you will want the process to be a simple and quick one. You will be happy to find out that this is the case when you bet on cricket. Below we have outlined the betting process that you need to go through in order to place a cricket bet. We would like to add here that the process below is the same for betting on any sport, not just cricket.

  1. Sign into your bookmaker account and check how much you have in the account
  2. If you are low on funds and do not have enough for the bets you are thinking about making, add some money to your account via one of the many deposit options available
  3. Go to the page where you can find the variety of markets for cricket betting, and scroll through all of them until you come across something that you want to bet on
  4. Click on it and the bookie will automatically add that market to a betting slip that will pop up on the right of the screen
  5. Then you need to choose the size of your wager – once you have made you mind up, input this amount in the relevant box on the betting slip
  6. Now, if you are content with all the decisions that you have made, hit that submit button

Betting Sites in India – Is Live Betting Available?

When online bookmakers first entered the online gambling scene, live betting was something that did not exist. Therefore, anyone who wanted to bet on a cricket match had to do so before the event began. However, thanks to technology, this is no longer an issues, and nowadays you will find plenty of live betting markets for cricket, as well as most other sports, at the majority of bookies that you come across.

You are probably the type of cricket bettor that likes to place live bets regularly because it is fun to do so, meaning that it is very important that you make sure that the online betting site that you are thinking of opening an account with has really good live betting features. It is important for us to reveal to you here that the bookmakers that we provided in the list above all have quality live betting features that will certainly not disappoint you.

Sign Up with Online Cricket Betting Sites in Indian Rupees

Online betting sites usually have plenty of payment methods that you can choose from and the majority now have many different currencies that you can make use of. We suggest that you open an account with online betting sites in Indian rupees because when you deposit some Indian rupees with a betting site that has them as one of their accepted currencies it means that you will not be subjected to large conversion fees. Obviously, the less money that you lose via conversion fees, the more money you will have for betting on cricket. You will be ecstatic to find out from us that many of the betting sites that we recommended above are online betting sites in Indian rupees.

Is It Legal to Bet on Cricket from Within India?

If I place bets on cricket from India, will I be breaking any laws and be risking a fine or imprisonment? This is a question that we hear quite often, and we are going to provide you with the answer that you are looking for right now. As we mentioned earlier on in this article, gambling is illegal in most of the country – it is only legal in a couple of states and these are Sikkim and Goa. In these states, you will be able to play at a variety of land-based casinos, which is one of the main reasons why they are now a popular tourist destination. What about sports betting? Well, placing bets on horses is fine, but making bets on other sports is restricted. There is no point in asking us why this is because we do not know the answer ourselves.

When it comes to betting within India, you will not find any mention of online gambling in their current regulations and this is because they are still using laws that were put in place when they were being ruled by the British. Obviously, back in those days there was no such thing as the Internet, so online betting was obviously something that was never on anyone’s mind. Therefore, to sum up, we can tell you that you are not currently breaking any laws when you place bets online. We have never come across a news article or heard of someone being fined a large amount of money or being sent to prison for placing an online bet in India.

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