Online casino - A Growing Sensation!

Online Casinos India

The popularity of the online casino has exploded in the last few years among the global betting community. With the development of online technologies, this type of online gambling can only get better. As part of our wider online casino UK guide, we tap into the India market

An overview

An online casino is the internet version of the traditional model of casino betting. This method of gambling allows players to bet on casino games virtually. Although there are some legal issues concerning online gambling in India, it is a huge industry that cannot be ignored.

However, unlike other modes of betting, there is what we call RTP in online gambling. Return to player percentages, as it is popularly called, is a ratio in online casino gambling that favours the gambler. This percentage ranges from 92.1% to 99.2%. While players regularly win playing online casino games, the casino has an advantage called the house edge. This house edge is the slight advantage the casino has over all the games offered; this is why a popular casino axiom says the house always wins.

Respected software developers like Amaya, NetEnt, Microgaming, Realtime Gaming, IGT, and Playtech provide internet gambling games. Furthermore, online casinos can be divided into web-based and download-based casinos. The web-based casino uses various technological plug-ins like Shockwave, Macromedia, and Java, to provide its games to online bettors. Gamblers who are interested in this kind of online casino gambling needs to use various browsers like Mozilla, Firefox, and safari. The download-based online casino provides its services using client-based algorithms without using browsers. Due to technicalities involved in this mode of online casino gambling, they are susceptible to Trojans attack.

Categories of Online Casino Games

We have a plethora of money games online that virtual bettors can play to make real money.

Video poker

Online poker is common for bets online. Though, you need a background knowledge of these types of games to win money, it is simple to learn and play. Some popular versions of poker are Jacks or better, joker wild and deuces wild.

Online roulette

Roulette game usually involves a ball been thrown on a rolling wheel. Gamblers can make a profit by choosing the number and colour where the ball will end up. Good kinds of online roulette include American, European, 3D, mini ball, French, and pinball.


Popular in online gambling, baccarat is at the top of the ladder. Games of these types are meant for high stakers who can invest some good money to get a profit. It has more options than most online casino games. With good baccarat strategies, players will emerge successfully.

Online Blackjack

The edge of the house is lower than other card games, therefore giving players more advantage to win. The best blackjack variant to bet on is the blackjack switch.

Online Craps

Moving away from card games is an exciting, no-skills dice game. With good game graphics and designs, you will enjoy this casino game. You don't need any prior knowledge to bet on it as it's a game of luck.

Online Slots

Slots game generates the largest revenue for online casino companies and also gives out huge payouts. They are easy to use and have great rewards. Types of slot games include reel em, mega moolah, terminator 2, age of gods, street fighter, Jurassic Park, and Game of Thrones.

Other notable money games online include keno, bingo, and lotteries.

Online Casino Bonus Offered

There are many reward systems which online casino offer bettors that choose to patronize them. There are special promotions and bonus schemes being offered every now and then that give players free money rewards to increase their playing time in the casino. This site is an excellent source of the latest online casino bonuses. Check it every week for the best deals!

Welcome Bonus

Sometimes known as sign-up bonuses, this offer is made to new customers of an online casino. Depending on the bookies, you can get up to $100—$29,000.

First Deposit Bonus

This deposit is similar to the welcome bonus; however, it is calculated based on the first deposit you make to the online casino.

Refer bonus

This is popular among all major online bookies where customers are given a certain bonus for each person they refer to their website.

Bonus Cashback

On cashback bonus, you get a certain percentage on your total deposit weekly, monthly or yearly. A good example is if your total deposit is $20,000, this week, next week, you will get maybe $1000 back to bet.

Free Spins

Free spins or rolls are regularly offered to bettors of slots and roulette games. This offer is usually large as you can get up to 100 free spins to 500 spins.

Please take note that, as exciting as these bonuses are, there are certain terms and conditions attached to them, so be warned.

How to Make Profit on Online Casino?

Online gambling is fun and interesting, but what most players want is to make money betting in their favorites game. We have no fast or easy rules for winning, but with concrete information, you stand a chance.

Play Different Online Casino Games

Variety, they say, is the spice of life. You probably have a better chance of beating the casinos playing all their games than playing one game.

Practice with Demos

Demos are there for players to get used to the game without using real cash. Familiarize yourself with the game with the demos before stakes with cash.

Appropriate Use of Bonuses Offered

You can make good money from an online casino by taking advantage of the plethora of bonuses these online casinos provide. These bonuses can increase your chances of making a profit without using your money.

Always Patronize a licensed online casino Website

Always check online for fully licensed online casinos before staking with them because they have their reputation to protect. Online casino sites registered with Curaçao gaming commission, Malta gambling authorities, Gibraltar betting commission, and UK gambling agencies are given high consideration.

Have a Good Betting System

Everything in life requires good planning, more so online casino betting. Players who want to improve their chances should design good systems of staking that fits their pattern. It could be a single, double, or accumulations.

Stay Away From Alcohol While Gambling Online

Too much alcohol while gambling can cloud your judgment and let you lose focus. That is why most land-based casinos offer players drinks. Know when to quit.

Always know When to Quit

If as a player, you are on a successful streak, know that it won’t last, so just run with your winnings. Also, any time you are losing, stop before you incur further losses and come back refreshed; tough times never last.

Finally, we have analysed the online casino experience and how you can be successful. Remember, always bet responsibly.